Why wood
Aluminum windows

The perfect combination of a natural wood look and durable aluminum.

Innovation And

Our wood-aluminum window is an innovative product that consists of a combination of wood and aluminum. The result is a window that offers both the natural beauty of wood and the durability and weather resistance of aluminum. The combination of these two materials creates a system that meets the highest standards of design and functionality.

Let yourself be inspired

Holzhaus mit Terrasse und großen Fenstern

Neubau in Luxemburg

Wohnzimmer mit Fensterfront und Jalousien

Einfamilienhaus mit Hebe-Schiebe-Tür-Fassade


Villa an der Mosel

schwarze Fenster mit Jalousien

Einfamilienhaus bei Trier

Einfamilienwohnhaus mit roter Eloxal-Fassade und Terrasse

Umbau Einfamilienhaus in Köln

Moderne Haustür in anthrazit

Eine Ecke weiter

Moderne dunkle Lodge

Golf Lodge

Why Zöllner has been building on wooden aluminum windows for over 60 years

The window is made of high-quality wood that comes exclusively from sustainable forests. Wood is a vibrant and timelessly beautiful material that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The wood is used as a load-bearing and static core, which ensures high strength and stability.

The aluminum provides external weather protection. It guarantees absolute weather resistance and is almost indefinitely durable against all weather influences.

Overall, the wood-aluminum window is a product that meets the highest standards of design, functionality and sustainability. It is the perfect combination of a natural wood look and durable aluminum protection. With this window, you have a product that not only looks breathtakingly beautiful, but also offers maximum weather resistance and durability.

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